Laundry service exclusively designed for working professionals.


Its you - who decides when to pickup and get laundry done.

Iron more then 20 cloths everyweek? get them delivered within 3:00 working Hrs or FREE.


Cloths packed in waterproof, wrinkle resistent bags to make sure its perfect to start your day in the morning.


Schedule laundry pickup anytime using your mobile app or website. Progress reports by SMS. Professional telephone support.


100% Cashback on first order using mobile app. Thereafter 20% cashback on all mobile orders having more than 20 cloths.

Free Pickup & Delivery available only at Pimple Saudagar


In the crowd of unreliable, unhygienic and unorganized laundry options, C3 brings a ‘CLEAN’, ‘QUICK’ and ‘CONVENIENT’ option of getting laundry done at the most affordable price.
A refreshing laundry experience at your doorstep

Remember, every garment that we buy, the time & money that we spend and the attachment that we develop to fond memories of wearing that, needs a special care.they deserve for looking new every time that we wear.

If you believe that buying ‘expensive ‘washing machine, offloading these washes to our ‘maid’ and ironing to neighborhood dhobi is going to resolve your laundry agonies of office wear then here are few questions for you!

Do you segregate white cloths from colored garments to ensure that the whiteness of cloths is retained and doesn’t turn yellow over few washes?


    Do you have control over water hardness that is crucial for best results?

  • Hygiene

    What happens to ‘most hygiene’ care when you outsource ironing to local dhobi?

  • Steam ironing

    Have an option of steam ironing to preserves softness of the fabric of office wear?

  • Saving

    Many garments can be washed with water & don't require ‘dry cleaning’ which is ‘expensive’ & ‘time consuming’?

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